BedHead consists of husband and wife team Stu and Hazel Richardson. The band was formed in January 2000 and since then have performed over 2500 shows all over Scotland and even in Cyprus.

Stu Richardson
Stu first picked up a guitar at the age of 14 when a friend of his father's, the legendary folk singer Alistair MacDonald, played at their house.
He also played the cello at school and played in the school orchestra. He trained as a tenor and performed in many Gilbert & Sullivan productions. His favourite is HMS Pinafore.
He auditioned for the Doyle Carte company but didn't want to move to London. He performed in rep at the Dolphin Theatre in Glasgow for a number of years.
Stu plays the guitar, the banjo, the bass, the mandolin, the ukele, the cello and the harmonica. He is usless at playing the penny whistle.
Stu has a BSc(Hons) degree in biology and biochemistry.
He once performed a show on the flight deck of a destroyer in the Falkland Islands to an audience of several hundred Gurkhas. He got very drunk with them and they presented him with a Kukhri.

Hazel Richardson
An ex-choir girl, Hazel has been singing and performing in theatre productions for many years. She has won prizes and awards for directing and producing plays.
Hazel plays the piano (not the keyboards!! She says) and helps in creating BedHead's backing tracks.
She joined Stu in BedHead after he left his previous band.
Hazel suffers from M.E. but keeps fit and well by a program of nutrition and exercise.


 Stu knows he is don't have to tell him!

No you can't sing with us. The law requires all people performing in public to have public liability insurance, so it's actually illegal to let you sing with us. Blame Gordon Brown!

Electricity and fluids don't mix, so don't come near the gear carrying drinks please.

No. BedHead will never, ever appear on x factor. It's all a big con.

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